"Change of Heart" is a mashup of Dr. Phil, Intervention and Bands Reunited. Each episode, sports reporter Amy Heart sets out to heal sport's history's greatest fights, feuds and bruised egos; reverse injustices and bring peace to sometimes-long simmering broken hearts.


The pilot features Amy Heart bringing the legendary Darryl Strawberry vs. Doc Gooden feud to a head. Doc missed the Mets world Series victory 30 years ago due to a drugged out stupor, and their feud erupted again recently, and played out in the international press, with Strawberry calling Doc out in the press as a drug addict, and Doc saying he would kick Strawberry's ass the next time he saw him. After arranging an at-first very tense Change of Heart session between these two legends, Amy brought about a change of heart which led to Doc and Strawberry meeting up with some of their '86 mets who, along with the mayor of New York, engineered it so Doc could experience the parade he missed, walking the route with his family and friends. It was all topped off on the steps of City Hall with Doc receiving the key to the city of New York with Strawberry by his side.