Head of Production/Supervising Producer

Producer Tima Surmelioglu brings to any project over 25 years of experience in television and film production with a specialty in commercials, news, fashion and live multi camera shooting. Her working life began producing news and documentaries for the United Nations, which speaks to her diplomatic skills as well as her production knowledge. She was privileged to work with subjects as diverse as Presidents (including most Western heads of state as well as Fidel Castro and others) and Popes. She produced documentaries and psa/commercials – “Decade of Women” “Steven Biko” “Nelson Mandela”¬¬– as well as news packages and weekly regional shows that were distributed world wide to over one hundred countries via UPI and Visnews. Almost all of her work at the U.N. was shot multi camera/live. 

After the United Nations, Tima expanded into the world of music and entertainment. She programmed and curated all video entertainment for a number of iconic New York night clubs (The Peppermint Lounge and Ian Schrager’s Palladium) and shot every band that performed at these venues. This led her to the world of music videos of which she has produced over one hundred for artists as diverse as Michael Jackson and Guns and Roses. In addition Tima has produced many live multi camera music events. Some of the live projects she has produced include Carly Simon Live from Grand Central Station, Gloria Estefan at Ceasar’s Palace, Bobby McFerrin, Guns and Roses, Pantera, Queensryche, Rockin’ the Corps from Camp Pendleton (staring Kiss, Destiny’s Child, Ja Rule and others,) The Sturgis Festival (2006 and 2007 starring Nickelback, Godsmack, Big and Rich and others,) and The Black Eyed Peas to name a few. Much of her music video work was done at Propaganda Films for whom she also executive produced, and ran the music video department. She has worked with dozens of music management and record companies. 

Tima has produced many commercials for a variety of production companies including Ridley Scott & Associates, HBO, Believe Media and others. She holds a Masters degree in media production from The Parsons School of Design/New School where she has also taught. Tima brings to any project considerable production experience as well as her great enthusiasm.