Executive VP/Content Strategy

Peter brings 25 years of entertainment experience in music, film, TV, and media advancement to the team. He holds Platinum and Gold records along with four Guinness World Records (for most cameras used in a concert recording) while producing with talent such as Rage Against the Machine, Guns & Roses, Chickenfoot, Slash, Stone Temple Pilots, and more. Peter began his career as a recording artist and nationally touring singer/songwriter. Before Co-Founding EMI-distributed label, DC3 Music Group, Mr. Bowers was the Executive Producer of the feature film ’77, a film produced by Gary Kurtz (American Graffiti, Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back) and Fred Roos (Godfather II, Apocalypse Now, Lost In Translation). ’77 is a romantic comedy illustrating the story of Hollywood visual effect greats and film legends of early ILM, through the experience of a young man’s pursuit of his dreams and the filmmakers that shaped them. ‘77 was an award-winning picture at the Hamptons International Film Festival. In 2010, Mr. Bowers produced “The Rage Factor: Rage Against the Machine Live from London” with Cinematography by Academy Award Nominee Jeff Cronenweth. The event was to win the UK’s #1 Christmas song contest vs. a Simon Cowell protégé from the popular UK show “X-Factor”. This included a social marketing campaign that resulted in one million followers worldwide, selling over half million downloads for Rage and attracting worldwide media. 

 While the campaign was begun by a Rage fan’s dedicated Facebook page, the DC3 team grabbed the baton and brought victory home with a nimble and timely live TV broadcast from a Burbank soundstage. Bowers is a partner at Self Made Records, a DIY Indie Rock label started in the UK based in LA, and distributed via Sony Red. He’s responsible for developing a MCN from a new mobile app and trans media campaign, via an advanced distribution platform that connects concerts, broadcasts and theatrical premieres live to the world. These include Streaming Mobile, IPTV, HD and Cinematic formats which led to the award-winning Mobile/IPTV Concert App, Qello; combining Android, Apple, Samsung Media, Google TV, Facebook and major international mobile carriers into the platform. Most recently, Bowers joined Melodic Caring Project, as Chief Content Officer, a cause driven  streaming music organization, whose mission is to bring genuine love and compassion together with the medically proven healing properties of music and share them with children in need. 

 He is a producer for the prime time City Drive special Landmarks Live on PBS, a travel destination and concert series on Friday Nights hosted by the Red Hot Chili Peppers Chad Smith with iconic artists such as Will I Am, Alicia Keys, Brad Paisley, Churches , and Andrea Bocelli. Peter has become one of the founding executives for the OTT channel EdgeTV as VP of Music”.